Smart, integrated, intralogistics for optimized Supply Chains

Seamless sourcing, storage and fulfillment

Integrated Automation

We provide integrated smart logistics, storage, transport, picking and sorting systems, as well as Material Flow Control (MFC). Our solutions are end to end integrated giving you greater control and economies of scale.

Material Handling Automation Solutions

Our automated material handling systems simplify your distribution & warehousing processes through intelligent workflows.

Material Handling Equipment

We provide a wide range of material handling equipment that includes forklifts and belt conveyors to dock ramps. Optimized movement of material & efficient handling is at the core of our operations.

Storage Solutions

We provide you with the most effective solutions of industrial storage for all kinds of SKUs.


The Tralcer Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is a cutting-edge warehouse automation, management and design platform that takes your storage, racking and materials management to the next level. Embrace the future of strategic intralogistics with our software solutions.


Our expertise is hard-earned, with several years of deep experience in handling intralogistics for a variety of clients. We are skilled in software solutions and supply chain consulting for the intra-logistics domain.

About us

Reimagining storage, warehousing and logistics. Embrace the future of intralogistics with cutting-edge storage design, warehouse management and software-enabled materials handling management.