Material Handling Automation Solutions

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Gantry Robots

Versatile fully automated / manually operated telescopic stack column cranes with adjustable forks suspended from an overhead gantry that is completely supported by racking system. Functionally superior and cost-effective replacement for stacker cranes eliminating the need for precise floor leveling and railing system. The Automatic version is equipped with state of the art AI & computer-vision based fork location and positioning system. This eliminates the need for expensive sensors and speeds up failsafe automatic alignment for storage and retrieval of pallets, boxes etc.

Automated Truck Loading System

Streamlines trailer loading and unloading processe while providing operational flexibility and manual intervention as needed. It also includes a uniquely designed dock leveller to compensate for spring back effect as trailers are unloaded and vice versa.

Continuous Pallet Lifters (CPL)

Automatically lift / lower and transport pallets to/ from higher elevation levels (1,2,3) in a continuous manner with motorized pallet receipt/dispatch converyors at each level. Easily handle loads of upto 2.5 tonnes and achieve 100-120 pallet throughput per hour.

Shuttle and Satellites

Shuttles and satellites are used to store and retrieve stock totes, trays or cases in rack storage buffers.They are remote controlled using radio signals / WiFi. They run on rails that are integrated into our racking systems. They can be configured to 2 types of sequencing FIFO or LIFO.

Stacker Cranes

Stacker cranes popularly used in ASRS systems for organizing, optimizing, and sequencing your product storage. They areautomatic, and increase efficiency by eliminating manual management errors and updating stocks on a regular basis. Stacker cranes enable the operation of large-capacity warehouses with minimal disruptions.

AGVs & Robots

Our AGV’s and Robots are designed to operate intelligently and automatically using state of the art navigation technologies built using indoor LIDAR mapping for superb accuracy and failsafe operation and throughput.