Integrated Automation

AI-driven, Integrated Fully Automated

ASROF (Automatic Storage Retrieval & Order Fulfilment System)

Our signature fully automated warehouse performs a fully automatic end-to-end function (storage to individual order fulfillment). This system is built on advanced software that integrates AI, ML, IoT, and AR/VR technologies to deliver 24/7 smooth & continuous unmanned operation. WMS and OMS workflows are integrated into the ASROF system and can be connected to popular ERP systems.

Automatic Vertical Lift Module

Organizations can use the Vertical Lift Module to grow
activities internally without having to build new buildings or
to merge numerous facilities. The VLM optimizes storage
cubes to provide optimum storage capacity while occupying
the smallest possible space.

Micro Fulfilment System

A micro-fulfillment solution incorporates a tiny, automated goods-to-person shuttle system within a sector of a retail store, dark store, or urban fulfillment center. provides seamless connection with inventory management, warehouse, and ERP systems, allowing all retailers, distribution centers, and corporate offices to share a single platform.

Automatic Inventory/ Cycle Count System

Verify physical inventory automatically using our LIDAR and image recognition technology-based Cycle Count System and Keep inventory records accurate and up to date. Current and tracked inventory data allows for more accurate sales and purchase forecasting, as well as ensuring that you always have the proper amount of stock on hand.