Intelligent Storage Solutions

Optimized storage, Trackabilty, Efficient retrieval

Businesses that rely on intelligent storage solutions for their warehouse operations become robust, agile, and reliable by reducing the time taken for order fulfilments. Making optimal utilization of available storage space and related resources with our Storage Solutions.

Pallet Racking

We provide high-quality, reliable, and custom designed warehouse storage racks for various industry verticals. Get the pallet racking solution you need, in the configuration you select, manufactured, delivered and installed on your terms. Choose between different pallet racking options such as Selective, Double-deep, or Drive-In Drive-Thru.


The ideal racking solution for warehouses that store a wide range of fast-moving items. Our Selective Pallet Racking is designed to be agilite and adaptable Applicable most regular shaped SKUs, this kind of racking makes it easy to move items quickly from one location to another.


Ideal for high storage density requirements, the Double-Deep system uses two bays of racks that can be accessed by double -reach trucks. Optimized for SKUs that are sporadically accessed and where storage space is a challenge, Double-Deep is a good way to store bulkier SKUs.

Drive-in Drive-Thru

Ideal means to maximize the use of both space and height by stacking large volumes of a single item together. Longer-term storage with accessibility in mind for both storage and retrieval using a drive-in and drive-through system of movement. Suitable for storage challenges where retrieval and replenishment are a concern.


Adaptable storage systems which are easy to adjust as per changing storage requirements. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, Shelving optimizes space utilization for non-uniformly sized SKUs. Ideal for situations where size variations exclude pallet racking.

Widespan Shelving

Shelving where larger spans and width are more important for your storage needs. When the items are wider in dimension, optimizes on space to accommodate the SKUs in a wider span configuration. Also useful when wide areas of space are available at the where house, optimizing space usage.

Simple Shelving

Single-level shelving without any complexity that is easy to implement. Low on investment and cost, ideal for simple ad hoc storage of items for easy and fast retrieval. Suitable for any storage situation that needs to be adaptable.

Multi-tier Shelving

Multi-level shelves that allow item placement at different levels. Ideal for both long-term and short-term retrieval and storage. These shelves make it possible to store items at different levels using lifts or cranes.


Quick-to-install modular, interlocking systems aimed at achieving additional space for storage or offices in a cost-effective way. Ideal for situations where multilevel space is needed in an ad hoc configuration without sacrificing storage space, retrieval, durability and usability

Frame Supported

Mezzanine Floor supported by frame superstructure. Composed of a sturdy frame that supports the mezzanine floor, strong enough to support heavy items slated for storage where floor space is a challenge.

Column Supported

Mezzanine Floor supported by a columnar structure. Where height is a concern and the floor is to be built into a multilevel, columnar configurations are the most effective. They provide easy expandability and versatility.

Mobile Racking

Movable racks and shelves. Whether it is rail tracks or other material movement configurations, mobile racking enabled warehouses benefit from greater accessibility, mobility and faster retrieval and storage.

Mobile Shelving

Ideal for shelving challenges where aisle access is a problem, easy accessibility enabled with precise rail-track systems. Optimized for fast-moving and heavy loads, the rail-track systems ensure agility and speed when it comes to both retrieval and storage.

Mobile Pallet Rack

Ideal for storage challenges where aisle access is a problem, easy accessibility enabled with precise rail-track systems. Optimized for fast-moving and heavy loads, the rail-track systems ensure agility and speed when it comes to both retrieval and storage.

Cantilever Racking

Ideal when you have irregularly shaped and/or varying length items that need organized storage with safe and secure retrieval. Optimized for situations where ad hoc storage of differently shaped items is proving a challenge and the usual configurations do not work. Beneficial for the storage of circular or irregularly shaped items

Rack Supported Warehouse

The entire warehouse is composed of racks to maximize storage space. The warehouse is composed of racks that support paneled walls which demarcate and cover the warehouse as a shell. Optimum configuration when it comes to making the most of the available storage space.