Key features and benefits of a Warehouse Management System with the WAVES Platform

What is a Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse Management Systems or popularly known as “WMS” have been a vital cog in the improvement of supply chain operations and inventory management that we have witnessed recently. They are systems that help firms in end-to-end operations, right from the distribution centre to the stores. Additionally, they assist in the optimal usage of space, labour and equipment through proper resource and material flows. On a larger scale, they keep the global supply chain of the company running through distribution and manufacturing.Fulfilment has become the name of the game as consumers want to buy and return products everywhere. For such a dynamic omnichannel audience, warehouse management systems are vital to make the fulfilment of orders possible. WMS is the need of the hour and our product, built on the WAVES platform will help organizations prepare for the supply chain of tomorrow.

Benefits of a Warehouse Management System

  • Supply Chain Operations Become Scalable and Flexible

    Change in market conditions and demand is inevitable and being prepared for them is necessary. With a warehouse management system, an increase in demand during peak season is easy to handle and fulfilment time will not be affected by the change in volume. Hence, with Tralcer, when new opportunities are on the horizon, you don’t need to scramble to get things in order.
  • Lower Cost of Operation and efficient use of space

    Warehouse management system improves warehouse flow by determining the most efficient use of floor space based on job and material characteristics. The use of space and floor plan analysis in WMS installations is used to identify how space should be best utilised and gives chances for waste reduction – waste of premium floor space and waste of time spent seeking items. Excessive material movement, time-consuming placement, and retrieval will all be reduced as a result of this. A warehouse can reduce its operating costs by assessing the optimum locations to store items, supplies, and equipment.
  • Using Automation for Benefit

    Within a warehouse, WMS’s like Tralcer enable the application of further automation technologies. Internal work assignments may be automated, and mobile devices can help with the shift from paper to electronic work and activity recording. This streamlines operations, allowing them to grow more easily and ensuring data quality. Because access may be offered through portable mobile devices, mobile pairing with the WMS system can allow the input process to be increased. Through enhanced techniques, automation aids in the continuous development of existing processes. There are several levels of automation available, including automated picking and packing, robots, analytics-driven motions, and artificial intelligence (AI).

What is the WAVES Platform?

Warehouse Management PlatformThere is a growing need for a modular and scalable WMS that enhances a company’s intralogistics. The WAVES platform is built just to do that.  It helps to design, operate and automate a warehouse and is feature-laden to improve all aspects of supply chain operations.With WAVES, things such as visual navigation, live pick-up/put-away verification and stock history traceability become easy. It suggests the optimal configurations and ways to optimize them too. It brings a plethora of features to the table which we will discuss about in detail

Features and Benefits of the WAVES platform

  • Supports Mobile Racking

    With the help of the WAVES platform, space utilization through mobile racking becomes possible. It helps achieve up to 80% utilization with the lowest possible impact on efficiency and speed.
  • Use of Volume Optimizer

    By using WAVES, companies can store, stack and arrange goods for palletization, truck-loading or stacking by using the least amount of space possible.
  • Integrate ERP’s with Ease

    Tralcer comes with inbuilt API’s that make it easy for data to flow bi-directionally with ERP systems like SAP and Oracle. Hence, inventory management, picking and dispatch, stock analysis kitting functionality are all possible.
  • Omnichannel Orders and Fulfillment

    Rapid fulfilment is a sure shot way to earn repeat business from customers. The WAVES OMS makes rapid fulfilment possible by making sure e-commerce tech and systems work in tandem with each other. Stocking, delivery, fulfilment and return are all simplified.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Due to real-time insights from every order, an order fulfilment team can easily spot things that can be improved upon. These decisions are arrived upon through forecasting data and help avoid stockouts and increase inventory turns.

A World-Class WMS is the Need of the Hour

Warehouse Management System

A WMS has become an integral part of supply chain operations. Using a renowned warehouse management system with a huge list of features up its sleeve can be a game-changer in order fulfilment, space optimization, returns and ultimately, customer satisfaction.Tralcer, built on the WAVES platform provides that and much more, in a comprehensive package for all your warehousing issues. Numerous brands have put trust in this system to take their operations to the next level and so should you.Assist your warehouse operators with the latest storage, retrieval and overall warehouse management systems. Get in touch with us for a cost-effective, modular and scalable alternative to typical ASRS software.