Rapid Payoffs (ROI) of Automated Storage and Retrieval System

An analysis of all cost-saving options offered by traditional storage systems reveals why automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) pay off so quickly, with an ROI ranging between 6 to 18 months.That appears to be a really quick turnaround for such a high price at first glance. However, when you look at the various ways in which a single AS/RS system can save expenditures and capital outlays, that speedy ROI makes a lot of sense. This blog looks into the various methods by which rapid ROI can be made possible.

Space Savings with AS/RS

ASRSA prominent logistics real estate consulting company has predicted that rentals are expected to rise 4% globally in 2021. This is most likely due to an increase in inventory and a lack of storage capacity to handle it.Traditional shelf systems carry fewer items per unit of floor area compared to automated storage systems, especially vertical lift modules which use up to 90 per cent less square footage. Many businesseswill be able to avoid moving their operations to a new and larger warehouse due to the space savings on offer. Avoiding the costs of constructing a larger facility can turn out to be a huge money saver. Additional storage space can also be transformed into a place for other profit-generating enterprises.

Energy Savings with AS/RS

A lower overall size can reduce the heating, cooling, and lighting requirements for a warehouse space and save you a lot of money. These costs become more noticeable when you’re storing perishable or cold food items. A Virtual Loadable Module (VLM) that regulates the temperature and humidity in the unit works far more efficiently than trying to control the atmosphere in a huge, typical warehouse. You may even save money on electricity using VLMs, which have an inverter that absorbs energy from the machine’s downward movement and reduces power consumption by 40%.

Increase in Efficiency with AS/RS

A VLM or horizontal carousel outperforms manual approaches in terms of productivity. Gains of 300 per cent or more are quite common. Retrieval times can be reduced to a fraction of the average by automatically bringing an item to the operator rather than forcing the operator to look for it on a shelf in the warehouse.The manufacturing and storage sectors are frequently underused, resulting in a significant amount of wasted space. Companies can work more efficiently with a practical architecture and making smart use of the available space. Moving objects from one place in a facility to another is an expense that adds no value and may cause the commodities more harm than good.

Accurate Pick Rates with AS/RS

Human mistakes are unavoidable in typical warehouses, where workers use printed lists to retrieve hundreds of products from shelves everyday. Delivering the incorrect item to a customer can be costly and result in wasted time, additional delivery expenses, and dissatisfied customers. A mispick can cost a significant amount per incidence. Even a handful of mistakes every week could cost a company a fortune in a year. AS/RS almost eliminates mispicks by pointing operators to units and amounts to retrieve using laser pointers, alphanumeric LED bars, put-to-light systems, and offering similar assistance.

Efficient Inventory Tracking with AS/RS

Inventory Tracking SystemThe chores that go with inventory monitoring are all but eliminated since the devices track the movement of things. This saves time, resources, and the costs of employing an expert in this field. In addition, the firm has a greater understanding of its supplier networks. This is especially true when a warehouse management system (WMS) is integrated with a company’s ERP or DMS. An organization no longer has to worry about having too few or too many things in stock.Securing your products against theft is a subset of inventory tracking. Whether we like it or not, precious objects might occasionally be found at a different location than their intended destination. These losses get drastically reduced when they are housed in an enclosed machine with limited and verifiable access.Storage Retrieval Systems

Enhance your ROI with Inlogsys’ Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems

Leading businesses get a quick ROI on their investment using automated storage & retrieval solutions. This is because AS/RS ensures that the right material is delivered exactly where it’s needed, when it’s needed and how it’s needed. Having a leading AS/RS structure is the key to a cost-efficient warehouse.With product inventory constantly increasing and the space available decreasing, the need for AS/RS has never been greater. Inlogsys works on a completed automated system and uses boxes, pallets, stacker cranes, conveyors, shuttles and an advanced software system. These are ideal for storing SKU volumes, which demand accuracy in delivery and can also handle cold stores with negative temperatures. For end-to-end automation, increased productivity and enhanced ROI, get in touch with us.