warehouse management system Software

Sophisticated, modular, next level warehousing & supply chain software

Tralcer WAVES is a “Digital Twin” supply chain software solution.

WAVES is modular and therefore can be deployed in phases and provides infinite scalability to customers. It consists of a primary solution platform and several add-on technology stacks to provide complete end-to-end automation. Its unique visual navigation is powered by the 3D Spatial Model thereby visually guiding and assisting warehouse operators with intelligent storage, retrieval and overall warehouse management.
WAVES harnesses the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 3D Visualization, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality and Robotics to provide a complete “Digital Twin” solution. It has the inbuilt capabilities of a conventional WMS enabling it to connect and integrate with existing ERP systems to dynamically exchange data.
WAVES is a cost-effective, modular and scalable alternative to typical ASRS software for warehouses.